SciPy 2023

Aaron Meurer

Aaron Meurer is a software engineer at Quansight, where he works on important projects affecting the scientific Python ecosystem including the array API standard, NumPy, and PyTorch. He is also a core maintainer of the SymPy symbolic mathematics library.

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SymPy Introductory Tutorial
Aaron Meurer, Anutosh Bhat, Sangyub Lee

SymPy is a Python library for symbolic mathematics. This tutorial will introduce SymPy to a beginner audience. It will cover an introduction to symbolic computing, basic operations, simplification, calculus, matrices, advanced expression manipulation, code generation, and selected advanced topics. The tutorial does not have any prerequisites beyond knowledge of Python and basic freshman level mathematics. It will be presented with Jupyter notebooks with regular exercises for the attendees. After attending this tutorial, attendees will be able to start using SymPy to solve their own problems.

Classroom 101
Python Array API Standard: Toward Array Interoperability in the Scientific Python Ecosystem
Aaron Meurer, Thomas J. Fan, Stephannie Jimenez Gacha, John Kirkham, Stephan Hoyer, Tyler Reddy, Leo Fang, Matthew Barber, Ralf Gommers, Andreas Mueller, Athan Reines, Mario, Alexandre Passos, Travis E Oliphant, Saul shanabrook

The array API standard ( is a common specification for Python array libraries, such as NumPy, PyTorch, CuPy, Dask, and JAX.

This standard will make it straightforward for array-consuming libraries, like scikit-learn and SciPy, to write code that uniformly supports all of these libraries. This will allow, for instance, running the same code on the CPU and GPU.

This talk will cover the scope of the array API standard, supporting tooling which includes a library-independent test suite and compatibility layer, what work has been completed so far, and the plans going forward.

General Track
Amphitheater 204